The ISCRAM International Conference

Information Systems for Crisis Response And Managment - à Valence (Espagne)

The 16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) was held from 19 to 22 of May 2018. Several participants in the SANCTUM project were present, an opportunity to highlight current thinking on crisis management and resilience of the territories.

The ISCRAM conference is an annual event that brings together international researchers, professionals and contractors around issues of crisis management and response. This 16th edition was held in Valencia (Spain) with a strong participation on the French side (about thirty representatives).

The aim of the event was to discuss, among participants, their implications, concerns and feedback on the development, deployment, use and evaluation of information systems for crisis management. Different topics were discussed :

  • protecting Critical Infrastructures in Crisis Situations,
  • Social Media in crises and conflicts,
  • analytical modelling and simulation,
  • planning, foresight and risk analysis,
  • geospatial technologies and geographic information science for crisis management,
  • knowledge, semantics and AI for RISK and CRISIS management.

Many French academics have presented their work, particularly about alert systems. International feedbacks allowed to compare major crisis management practices, particularly Americans (after Katrina). A part of the conference was about the reaction and the use of social networks during the crisis. The information gathered will help to adjust our services to the concerns of communities and government services.

Photo d'une conférence