Contribute to strategic decision-making 


Crisis anticipation system
by uchronic modelling Process

The SANCTUM project is a project to improve the effectiveness of crisis management at the government level.

It aims to contribute to strategic decision-making related to scenario development for high level management of severe national crisis.

The anticipation is an old, complex and key concern

To project oneself in the future has been at all times the answer to human anxieties as well as the engine of all ambitions. This has given rise to many rationalization works, such as game theory.

SANCTUM is part of a comparable approach, with the assumption that the strong constraints that prevail in a crisis situation make it possible to prioritize the issues, based on a dual analysis: risks and systemic.

What’s after…

The work carried out by multidisciplinary teams, under the leadership of SDSIE and Cerema, has now enabled the concepts to be validated and to reach the pre-demonstrator stage.

This success calls for extensions and allows for the consideration of real-world implementation, for example in the context of a SANCTUM+ project, which would then be eligible for European funding for the H2020 programme.